Your personal agreement will be created based on your own ideas of what is fair in your situation with the help of a supportive and experienced legal mediation team.

Much less expensive than paying for two private attorneys whose fees can be unlimited. Our fees are based on a fixed sliding scale.

No courts or judges, however, all agreements are legally binding. For married couples, this would mean a legal separation or divorce.

Receive the same results (or better) as having retained private attorneys and going through the lengthy, difficult, time consuming and expensive litigation process.

Encourages respect and a good working relationship between the parties - children are less negatively affected. Enhanced communication can help you avoid future conflicts.

Do not be concerned if you don’t get along well – our experienced impartial professionals, with more than 30 years experience, realize you are here for a reason!

Allows for mutual cooperation and communication - each of the parties are given an equal opportunity to express their feelings, desires and thoughts about how all issues need to be resolved.

Private and confidential in our conveniently located office - with no public record of what goes on in your sessions, rather than going to a public courtroom.