Director of Mediation

Lisa has been the firm’s mediation director for more than 25 years, having successfully acted as the liaison and facilitator for parting spouses using knowledge, compassion, and purpose.

She graduated with her both her BBA and MBA from Hofstra University. While attending graduate school, she did extensive research to write a thesis on mediation and became readily aware about its effectiveness particularly when it comes to divorce – noting its benefits in reaching mutual financial and other goals, while preventing the unnecessary shattering of families.

She is an active member of the Long Island Center for Business and Professional Women, the Merrick Chamber of Commerce, and the WNRC. She has chaired the Kiwanis Adopt-a-Family program, and is a minister of consolation for her local church.

In addition, as owner of both residential and commercial mortgage businesses, she’s extremely versed in real estate and financing, both of which are areas that come up very frequently in negotiating settlements.