Warren S. Hoffman, Esq. is an attorney, admitted to practice law before the Courts of the State of New York since 1984. Mr. Hoffman has received extensive training and certification in mediation, arbitration and other forms of Alternative Dispute Resolution.  Further, he has lectured fellow legal professionals in approved Continuing Legal Education (CLE) courses, touting the benefits of Alternative Dispute Resolution and the mediation process. Having litigated matrimonial and family law matters for over 30 years, Mr. Hoffman is a firm believer that mediation is a process that saves parties money, time, and stress, while preserving the parties’ relationship for their benefit and the benefit of their families.  His compassionate nature and knowledge of the applicable laws has aided numerous families in reaching a resolution of their marital difficulties free of the acrimony and high costs typical of contested litigation.

By way of personal background, Mr. Hoffman is married with two children and two grandchildren.  He also has a private pilot license and enjoys flying his single engine aviation aircraft.